Bert Frahm

Bert Frahm : Studio Location Northcliff, Norwood,Tel 084 487 8445 , email, website

Bert and Lerato

Bert Frahm, Argentine Tango Specialist and Teacher,
Educated and trained in Buenos Aires from 2006 to 2008, and since then has visits Buenos Aires many times to dance in the Tango World Championships and maintain his training.
Maestros and Tango Teachers that influence and guidehim:

Gabriel Glagovsky of Tango Cool (Dynamic Tango incl. Teacher Training),

Maria Olivera and Gustavo Benzecry (Milonguero Tango incl. Teacher Training),

RudolphoDenzil (Sensitivity incl. Teacher Training),

Vicki and Jose Halfon (Nuevo Tango Salon incl. Teacher Training),

Helen La Vikinga and Javier Guiraldi (Milonga incl. Teacher Training),

Angel Coreo (Timing and Musicality),

Damien Garcia (Tango Vals),

Gabriella Ellis (Milonga),

Fabian Salas and Paz Girogi (Dynamic Tango),

RojerZalazar and Christina Sarioglou (Europian Champs “Stage Tango”/ Choreography),

Sabastian (DNI Tango)


Private Lessons with Bert and Lerato:

(Lerato has been Training with Bert for several years now and is his Dance Partner and Assistant Teacher)

Bert and Lerato teach Private lessons at Alchemy Health and Fitness Centre – 75 Judges Ave. Robindale.

They have a good relationship with many studios in Johannesburg and so are able to accommodate lessons in other areas – feel free to suggest a venue nearer you.

Lessons cost R500 per hour (couple or single)

Incentive: Book and Pay for 4 lessons in advance and receive a 5th lesson for free

(ie. R2000 for 5 lessons)

Group classes have been suspended briefly, and will be announced shortly.